the Role-Playing Game


Panta rèi, they used to say.
Like water in a river, everything flows and, without changing its nature, it is always different from itself.

This game is set on planet Earth, two centuries in the future.
The world is ever the same. Yet…
The world has mutated.

But what on earth is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game?

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23 – 24 – 25 June 2023

role-playing game

Malpaga Comics

next meeting 11-12 NOVEMBER 2023 (BG)

The Rules

2220 rpg is based on world’s greatest roleplaying game​ fifht edition SRD (SRD 5.1, under CC-BY-4.0). This setting features new human “genetic origins”, deeply tied to this sci-fi new world, ten new Classes that made their appearence in the fight for better life against a cruel dictatorship, new Backgrounds tied to your character unique story and place of birth, new Feats, High Technology Objects that will be indispensable for dealing with new challenges of ever higher level.
The combact is rethought anew, with the addition of exhaustion levels aiming to concretize the pain, of who continues to fight at zero hit points, new rules encouraging covers use and obviously firearms!
Keep the narrative on a pace of gritty realism with longer rest times and accelerated time activities unique to each character story.


In 2220 Origins substitute the traditional Races of Fifth edition.

Those are who, when their DNA is tested, result corrispondent at 99,7% or more to the human genome example safekept in Pechino and Paris. Ones who are closer to us called themself the Pures. Some others of these are difficult to recognise as human, such as the grim Greys, the giant Vatussi and the tiny Manigoldi.

These are the people who, to their misfortune, are less than 99.7% compatible with the original human genome. Some are born with mysterious psionic powers, the so-called Mules; others have disfiguring mutations and are called the Weird ones; still others are almost dead and their minds now house an A.I.: these are the creepy Pilots.

gray one


To penetrate beyond the security and border control system known as the Wall, every immigrant develops paramilitary capabilities that help them with the challenges they daily face.


​Angels have a great sense of responsibility, placed upon them by every person they save with their medical knowledge or their quasi-military training. They are by nature sociable people, but when an angel finds a direct way to realize his ideal, he often chooses to move alone. From that moment, instead, others seek him out and follow him.

<< in the picture:
Sven, a Weirdo Angel
is an original artwork by Dino Lupi.


No Scoundrel begins his “career” with the declared intention of breaking the law. Their condition of illegality as migrants certainly has its weight in this. Some, however, seem to ignore every other possible path and even, cornered, dare to declare themselves innocent. The many skills they learn along the way make them valuable members of any operational team.

<< In the picture:
Ayana, a Driven Scoundrel
is an original artwork by Dino Lupi.


Originating among the pilgrims of the Tuareg tribe, this Order was linked to a religious belief older than Islam. They wore the blue veil, their true symbol. Today, that veil is a distant memory, but the Blues still use clothes, headdresses or often tattoos of blue colour. However, millennia after the founding of the Order, its teachings have spread and diluted; it is now difficult to find two Blues who agree on what the ancient foundations of their beliefs really were.

<< In the picture:
Kamal, Pure Blue Warrior
is an original artwork by Dino Lupi.


Specters are the silent scholars of the psionic arts. During the Second European War they were instrumental in the liberation of the UEF. Now, however, fear has prevailed and the use of psionic powers in public places is strictly prohibited, under penalty of fines and in some countries even arrest. The Spectres have returned to plunge into the shadows of anonymity and secrecy, from which they have not yet re-emerged.

<< in the picture:
Helena, Mule Specter
is an original artwork by Dino Lupi.


Each Class has two to four Specialisations, for over thirty different ways with which to further customise your rebel punk! Each of your weapons can be modified with Mods. Every part of your body can either hold an O.A.T., sophisticated relics of the year 2100, or be replaced by an O.A.T. of the cybernetic augmentation variety, attuning itself to it through one-hour surgery. That’s not all: your proficiencies do not remain the same as at creation, but will increase as you level up! Are you ready for the ultimate customisation experience? Style is everything here, choomba.

Way of the West (Bastard)

A Bastard who follows the way of the West specialises in street brawls, fighting furiously with kicks and punches. Its appearance is designed to radiate strength and physical superiority. Heir to the Greco-Roman wrestling arts, no one will be able to escape your fists of (literal) steel!

<< in the picture:
Way of the West, manigoldo bastard
is an original illustration by Gabriele Caelpher.

Tecnomancer (Sapper)

The Engineer is a class focused on repair and mechanical construction, ideal for inflicting heavy area damage in combat, which also has the ability to sport a unique weapon, personally modified to maximise its qualities. But what if a Genius became obsessed with the mystical side of his work and started talking to his machines or worse… worshipping them?

<< In photo:
Tecnomancer, Driven Sapper
is an original illustration by Gabriele Caelpher.

Energetic Mutation (Blue Warrior)

The Qwal Disease is always lurking to afflict these sacred warriors. When one of them is affected by the energy mutation, bursts of storm or sparks of embers follow him wherever he goes. Some are even marked by the mysterious energies of the void, causing gravitational collisions that annihilate matter at the quantic level.

<< In photo:
Energetic Mutation, Blue Warrior Gray one
is an original illustration by Gabriele Caelpher.


The Girl Behind the Skull is an original illustration by internationally renowned illustrator and cartoonist Daniele Serra.

Discover this fascinating new grayscale world with the introductory adventure, the Girl Behind the Skull. Attached to the Quickstarter, this adventure introduces four pregenerated third-level characters.

The development team of this cyberpunk module setting on a bleak mutated future is:

– Luca Magorosso, author and illustrator,2021 Quickstarter Award winner, Tambù publishing, 5Ed category.

– Ilenia Loddo, professor of graphic design and illustration at the Cagliari Academy of Art.
– Daniel Comerci, illustrator
– Mirkow Gastow,illustrator
– Gabriele Rodrigo Ghirelli (Caelpher), illustrator
– G. Dino Lupi, illustrator
– Simone Mellarini, illustrator
– Renato Ligas, webmaster, communication expert

– Alessandro Patria, illustrator
– Luca Pitzus, game designer and expert in d20 regulations
– Andrea Orrù, author and content creator
– Antonio Scalas, writer and world creator, author of the project Fuin Ardon